Louise is a freelance copywriter specializes in direct response email and tailored marketing campaigns for the Christian market, children’s education and travel industry.

About Louise

Louise was born in Hong Kong. Since her school days, she was drawn to various forms of English language writing especially the research aspect of the craft. Her English teacher was the first to recognise her writing talent. This encouraged her to pursue English writing as a hobby initially.

It was only after she became a Christian, she sensed a call to write. She took heed to this call by enrolling herself in The Christian Writers’ Institute, then she became a trained Christian writer since she was 19. In subsequent years, she took several courses from the same Institute – Christian Writing Techniques, Christian Magazine Writing and Juvenile Writing.

This showed how serious she was in responding to the call of God. The call of God had brought her to Singapore and it was also where she continued to pursue her dream of being a writer.

A Dreamer

Louise is a dreamer. She endeavoured to make her dream come true. First, she dreamt of being a writer and she became one. She was a staff writer for two magazines – Property Link and Southeast Asia Traveller. There she learnt how a magazine was run. She had learnt also the secret of being a travel writer and how to write advertorials, columns and how to get high-quality photos for magazines. This was also the first time she started to work with a graphic designer to present her content.

Her experience was greatly enriched after she served in a full-time Christian Ministry. Her ten years’ service with the Mass Media Ministry of Campus Crusade Asia allowed her to have a clear understanding of how sales and marketing play a key role in promoting the Christian message, be it in books, CDs, videos, gifts, etc. The various roles she held in Mass Media Ministry (publishing, purchasing, sales & marketing) also gave her a well-rounded understanding of the Christian retail and distribution industry.

Louise’s Connection with Children

Louise’s connection with children first started with her learning to write for children. Subsequently, for 7 years, she became a children’s book buyer for a popular retail chain store. She was very interested in finding out why Beast Quest, Rainbow Magic and Geronimo Stilton, etc. got the hearts of many children. Since then, she has been observing and analysing children’s buying behaviour and their likes and dislikes.

                She moved on with her children’s related career in the educational products. The following three years, while working as a salesperson, she studied yet another new range of educational products. Big Cat Readers, Song of Sounds Phonics Program, Switched On Science, Meemo and Hodder Education’s various publications, etc. are just some of those products that she put her hands into researching, marketing and selling. Her exposure to the various local and international syllabi (CIE, IB, PYP, IPC, etc.) has certainly helped her in marketing educational products effectively.

After years of immersing herself into all these children’s products, Louise is now a children’s products expert (a veteran if you’d like to call it) by knowing what make a child’s heart tick. Most importantly, she has a good grasp of what parents and teachers are looking at when considering a purchase.

Becoming the Author of Psalm 23 for Kids

It was in between all these sales and marketing activities, Louise self-published a 28-page picture book called Psalm 23 for Kids inspired by the Psalm 23 from the Bible. It is also one of those key portfolios to demonstrate what she is capable of doing – writing, publishing and promoting children’s products.

Out of her years of sourcing, marketing and selling children’s products, she has now designed a series of writing courses for children and parents (Empower U to Write). She is most happy to do personal coaching to the young rising talents. Louise has also a unique ability to teach and make lessons alive for the learners, children and adults alike.

Passion for Learning

Her passion for learning enables her to complete her Honours degree of Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology being a part-time student holding a full-time job. Yes, she has a lot to share about how to study and get results. That is not all, she learned to play the piano by ear and guitar by heart. It is not a surprise she would incorporate all that she has learned in designing her courses.

Nothing is satiable for Louise in terms of learning. Her latest endeavour was the learning she received from American Writers & Artist Inc. (AWAI), a premier copywriter training centre. As a result, she is now a verified AWAI copywriter and an active member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance since 2016. This causes her to kick start her freelance writing business in 2017.

Last but not the least, she thinks that it is the best way to leave a legacy is to utilise her talents to teach and to write so that she can be a blessing to others and to the world. Above all, she believes in education and life-long learning for all.

Her work ethics has always been: Serve with Sincerity and Integrity! Commitment to Excellence!



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