Diary of My Sheepy Adventures – Just released!

Psalm 23 & Other Stories

Bless the little hearts this Christmas!

I am happy to announce about the release of my new book “Diary of My Sheepy Adventures”.

It is now available in 500 Independent bookstores in the United States. If you are living in the US, look out for it. For international readers, check out the online stores listed below.

Bless the little hearts!

Louise Lee, author of Diary of My Sheepy Adventures


I love adventures. I love time travel. I love fun and cute animals. I love Biblical truth. I love teaching children using stories.

I got to do all these through publishing “Diary of My Sheepy Adventures”.

“Psalm 23 for Kids” was first published in 2105. It was my first experience of self-publishing. The experience itself was rewarding. From conceptualisation, to working with illustrator, to publishing, to sales, I was like a first-time mom delivering my first child. I had a mixed feeling then, just like a first-time mom, feeling excited yet apprehensive.

“A Sheepy Adventure” was later released beginning of 2022. It was a revised edition published under Our Daily Bread Ministries.


I have shared my testimony in the link below:

Living God’s Story, Re-telling His Stories | Our Daily Bread Singapore (odb.sg)

Subsequently, I wrote two more adventures: David had become sheep again two more times.

This time he was in Noah’s Ark, escaping the Flood with Noah and his animal friends in the Ark.

Yet another time, David got to witness the birth of Jesus. 

“Diary of My Sheepy Adventures” is written in a first-person narration – an eye-witness account of two significant events happened in world history.

I am privileged to be in sheep’s skin.


Here are the ISBN numbers for “Diary of My Sheepy Adventures” – English

Paperback: 9781638124900

Hardback: 9781638125259

E-book: 9781638124917

You may get them online as well:



Kinokuniya Japan


Miscellaneous online bookstores for e-book.

Rakuten Kobo




Fanc.com (France)


Rakuten (Japan)




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